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Director: Andrea Di Stefano


Cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Linda Caridi, Antonio Gerardi, Francesco Di Leva


Country: Italy


Year: 2023


Duration: 124 minutes


Genre: Thriller


Rated: PG-16

Subtitles: English, Portuguese

FREE ADMISSION, subject to availability of seats


Police officer Franco Amore is love in name and in reality. Throughout his life, he has tried to be an honest person, a policeman who in 35 years of honorable career has never shot a man. However, the night before retiring, his existence is turned upside down and changes forever.

Everything that matters to him will be put in danger: his job as a servant of the State, his great love for his wife Viviana, his very life. That night, everything intertwines frenetically through the streets of a Milan where it seems that light never arrives.


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