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Director: Luigi Comencini


Cast: Ugo Tognazzi, Mariangela Melato, Michel Galabru, Dalila Di Lazzaro


Country: Italy


Year: 1977


Duration: 109 minutes


Genre: Comedy


Rated: PG-14

Subtitles: English, Portuguese

FREE ADMISSION, subject to availability of seats

The owners of a decrepit rental building, whose value lies mainly in the land it sits on, bachelor Amedeo and his unmarried sister Ofelia, receive a tempting offer from a real estate company for their building. The only condition is the prior eviction of all tenants, of which there are many. Clinging to every possible legal pretext, Amedeo and Ofelia manage to chase away about half of their tenants. To complete the job, the dead cat found becomes a pretext. In fact, pretending to want to discover the perpetrator, Amedeo sneaks into all the apartments, searching for valid reasons to evict the occupants.

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